Viktor Kopasz makes diaristic photos

Copyright: Viktor Kopasz

People on Nature. Nature on people. In his 40 photographic diaries, Slovakian artist Viktor Kopasz constructs a metaphysical and subtil reality made of persons, wishes and feelings, of different ways of being. Constant game with light and shadows invokes a complex universe of madness, solitude, duality, sexuality but also of friendship, love and simple things. From his first diary "This is the new album" to the last "New rain/New York", Kopasz travels between reality and imagination but he doesn't want to push his public to any field.

His stories are about people and his own vision of them. "In the Jungle" is one of Kopasz most famous diaries. His evocative use of nature reminds us somehow of Tarkovsky's movie "The Mirror" by giving a strong visual impact on the first contact and by showing us the relation between man and the world around him.

Interview with Viktor Kopasz.

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Viktor Kopasz. Copyright: Jaakko Oranen

Spontaneity is the key word. Many of his black and white pictures are hand-coloured. One or two colours are used at the most. The layout of the diaries express concern for drawings and handwriting. Collage and lactrism are sometimes part of his final execution. In "New Rain, New York", visual impressions live together with writings and personal collage details that the artist completes during his fascinating journey to places and people. Both private and biographical, these diaries are also a public place where everybody's world is somehow exposed.

Born in Král´ovský Chlmec, Slovakia in 1974, Viktor Kopasz started his photography studies at the Secondary School of Design in Košice, Slovakia. Four years later, in 1992, he continued his studies at the Department of photography at the Prague Film Academy until 1997. The same year he traveled to London for a semestre at Middlesex University where he completed his academic career. Meanwhile, Kopasz made several individual exhibitions mainly in Prague and Olomouc, Slovakia. "After the Velvet Revolution" is his first exhibition in Helsinki, Finland. It follows "Porownamia" and "World Young Photography", in Poland. Also in Bosnia, Germany and Bratislava, Kopasz fans have been able to see his art.