Good posters are simple, strong and sharp

Copyright: Kari Piippo

Kari Piippo recalls having made more than 60 posters in his career. As a regular participant in major international competitions and several advertising biennales, he has won numerous awards. Piippo´s artistic philosophy consists of applying form and function into a perfect balance. This means that nothing unnecessary is included and nothing essensial is left out. In his posters, Piippo communicates in a few seconds for example what is performed in a two-hour theatre play.

Piippo expresses in his work the strong practical aspects in Finland´s traditional culture. With simplicity and a clear language, he defines making his posters as the 'Art of Scarcity'. By reducing graphic design to an essential form made of few colors and solid lines, he tries to reach the general public in seconds.

The net video, in which Kari Piippo tells about his art at his home studio in Mikkeli, lasts about 5 minutes. Film by Ahti Koskinen, interview and editing by Sandra Baptista.

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Kari Piippo. Copyright: Ahti Koskinen

Net video lasts about 5 minutes. RealPlayer (version 8) is required for viewing and ISDN-connection is recommended. Filmed by Ahti Koskinen. Interview and editing by Sandra Baptista.

Kari Piippo was born in 1945 in Finland and studied at the School of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. Having worked two years at an advertising agency during late sixties, the artist became a freelance graphic designer specialized in illustration and poster design. During the eighties, he taught his own art at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. During his career, Piippo has held many poster workshops and lectures all around the world. He has also been a jury member in national and international competitions. He has won several international awards including Gold from the Mexico Poster Biennale, the first prize from the Biennale of Theatre Posters in Rzeszow, the 1st Prize in Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition, two third prizes in the 8th Graphic Designers Poster Exhibition, Ningbo China 2001 and the third prize in the Korea International Poster Biennale 2002.

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