David Swanson - a new captain for HSEBA

The international BBA Program of Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration is going through an important phase in its history. The Program celebrated its tenth anniversary in October 1999 and the time has come for a new captain to continue Heikki Urmas' work for the BBA Program's future. Dr. David Swanson will officially become the Dean in May 2000.

Dr. Swanson has moved to Mikkeli from Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA where he has worked as a Senior Social scientist for Science Applications International. His educational background includes Ph.D and M.A. from University of Hawaii in 1985 and 1976, respectively.

What made you agree to become the Dean of HSEBA Program in Mikkeli?
What are the ways to improve the overall success of HSEBA in Mikkeli?

The studies in the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration campus in Mikkeli have attracted people from all around Finland, and all around the world to come over to accomplish their degree. Renowned professors from many foreign universities come to teach in Mikkeli in three-week periods. This has created an unique international atmosphere among the students and faculty.

How would you compare HSEBA Mikkeli with other Finnish business schools?
How would you describe the student body at the campus?

One group of BBA students is graduating in April 2000. During their studies the students are given tools to work in any domestic or international company. According to a recent study, almost 100% of all BBAs that have graduated during the past ten years are employed. Some of them have continued their studies, others are in good positions in companies - so the future looks bright.

How would you increase the co-operation between students and companies?
What does the 10th anniversary represent to the BBA Program at HSEBA?

Despite the fact that Dr. Swanson has been a long-time visiting professor in the BBA Program, it must be quite a difference moving from Las Vegas to Mikkeli.

How do you feel about moving from Las Vegas to Mikkeli?
What are the things that you like most about Finland?

Given the fact that Dr.Swanson teaches statistics and comes from Las Vegas...the combination sounds like he is a man who could give some useful information about gambling.

What is your advice for people who like gambling?


Find out more about the HSEBA campus in Mikkeli at www.mli.hkkk.fi

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