Nurturing Business with Business Gifts

Giving business gifts is a common practice in the business world to help strengthen important customer relationships. A good business gift can leave a lasting impression of the giver and the company. Often business gifts are not completely thought through and the result is more devastating than appreciating to the business relationship.

Mostly business gifts are given at top management levels as a thank you of a succesful deal, of a well-working relationship or on anniversaries. Nowadays, however, it is also more common to give business gifts at middle management levels and also in companies internally. Many times business gifts can serve as incentives to improve performance in the future.

There are many smaller businesses among the larger perhaps even quite traditional business gift warehouses that offer business gifts to companies. Business gifts range from cheaper quality pens to fine jewelry. One of these smaller companies is Pro Duck Oy that operates from Helsinki and serves mainly customers in Finland. Their business focus is on campaign products, but they have also penetrated into the gift giving area as there are many companies with business gift needs. Nappe Andler, CEO of the company, answered a few simple questions about business gift giving.

For what purposes are business gifts given?
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When beginning to consider giving a business gift, the gift giver begins a process that should be well thought out. It does not pay to just think of something, perhaps simply asking the secretary to find something to be given out to someone. In considering a suitable gift, you need to first think of the receiver and the purpose of giving the gift. The best business gifts are remembered when they are given at the right time and are suitable for that occasion. To make the choice easier, it is helpful to put certain types of gifts into different categories. However, even a lower level or a cheaper business gift can become rather meaningful and memorable when it is given at the right moment or in the right way with good taste.

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Aarikka Business Gifts

With business becoming more international now than ever before, companies should be aware of more than just their own culture to avoid embarrassing situations. The business gift giving situation can have many considerations that might be unheard of in your own country. If you wish to be personal, as Nappe Andler suggests, you should be aware of both personal and cultural factors of the receiver of the gift. This means that knowing as much as you can of the receiver of the gift pays off in avoiding an unpleasant situation where the gift might suddenly prove to be offensive in some way.

What should be taken into account in the gift giving ceremony?
What are some things to avoid in planning a business gift?

Basically, almost anything can be given as a business gift with good taste. Many manufacturing companies therefore also sell their own items as business gifts in addition to their normal use of the product. This causes competition in the business gift giving market, which is why also in this business many times the right kind of service determines customer satisfaction and success.

Nappe Andler explains that their objective is to provide the customer a full service package in the business gift giving process. This way the customer can focus on their usual business and receive professional advice that will make choosing a gift as easy as possible and therefore help improve the relationships at hand. Still, Andler explains, when time is limited and a business gift is needed quickly, there are numerous resources also available on the internet that can be very useful and easy to use.

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Just as giving any kind of gift, it should not be outdated or out of fashion, but be the right kind of gift for the time at hand. Trends in the business gift giving market seem to have moved higher up in quality. Companies want to give quality items which then also communicate their own business ideals of quality and good taste. Andler also explains that trends in other industries, such as fashion, naturally dictate what can be given as business gifts on proper occasions.

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