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Nettiradio Mikaeli was a weekly web media produced in Eastern Finland in 1998-2005. Nettiradio Mikaeli produced webortages including text, pictures, audio and net video. In addition, journalists completed 30-minute tv and radio programmes for national channels. The main themes were culture, learning, research, values, rural development, entrepreneurship and working life.

By December 2005 Nettiradio Mikaeli completed 4600 web pages, over 17 200 audio files and 264 net videos. The core team made hundreds of long radio programmes for analog radio and web channels. 13 long tv programmes were made for distribution at Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) national channels. There were 2 journalists, one tv professional and one www specialist employed in the core team. Themes like multichannel distribution and reusibility were key words for all activities. In addition, a great number of freelance journalistis, trainees, partner institutions and educational establishments were trained to take part in journalistic contents production in Mikkeli and other regions such as Inari in Lapland, Tampere in western Finland, the capital city Helsinki and many cities in Eastern Finland.

Nettiradio Mikaeli (also known as YLE Mikaeli in 2004-2005) ended its operations due to the saving actions at YLE in December 2005.

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